Gemma Hirst

Journalism Graduate/ Culture Blogger/ Podcaster 

I wrote two pieces of work for Lead Kinetics, to support students and graduates in their career journey. 

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Increase Your Chances of Getting A Job at Uni! —

If you are studying marketing or any degree in the arts/media faculty, then you will most likely be encouraged to engage with the university’s media channels. Whether that be their student radio, tv, magazine or social media channels- I recommend getting involved in those. Using your skills learnt from your marketing degree to promote your university is a great asset to your portfolio and a conversation starter during an interview. You may be saying, “yes, but I only used the student Twitter ac
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Everyone’s Journey is Different —

What we have to remember is that everyone takes their time and has their own path to follow. I actually worked in retail for 6 years after I graduated in Journalism, not because I was lazy but because I wanted time to think about what I wanted to do and what I needed to do to further my career in the media. It does not matter where you are in your career, your age or if you have been out of work and are deciding to jump back on after some time. Everyone can start their career whenever they feel
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