Gemma Hirst

Journalism Graduate/ Culture Blogger/ Podcaster 

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Confident to stand up for myself and others | Young Women’s Trust

Recently we hosted a media training session for our new media volunteers. These are young women with lived experience of living on low or no pay, who share their stories and our work with media outlets. This session was delivered by a group of our previous media volunteers. In this blog some of the young women who delivered the session share why they chose to become media volunteers and explain why peer to peer learning is so valuable. Media training is a safe virtual space to learn about how
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£20 benefit uplift is vital for securing my future

Gemma lost her retail job at the start of the pandemic. In this blog she explains what it is like to live on Universal Credit, and why the £20 benefit uplift is vital to helping her life and her future. I have been receiving Universal Credit for the past 11 months after losing my job because of the pandemic. I had worked in retail for 5 years and just before the pandemic I was promoted to management. When Covid hit, my contract was changed and I was offered a reduced role of a weekend worker on
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Plans revealed for holiday lodges set to boost County Durham economy

Plans to build a new holiday complex in County Durham could increase the local economy if they get the green light. Proposals have been submitted for 24 luxury holiday lodges, a reception building, and new landscaping on a site northwest of Beamish Hall. If the development is approved, it could see an increase of 25 jobs to be supported during construction, along with 10 jobs created on-site once operational. The development is also expected to sustain a host of local businesses within the Be
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Increase Your Chances of Getting A Job at Uni! —

If you are studying marketing or any degree in the arts/media faculty, then you will most likely be encouraged to engage with the university’s media channels. Whether that be their student radio, tv, magazine or social media channels- I recommend getting involved in those. Using your skills learnt from your marketing degree to promote your university is a great asset to your portfolio and a conversation starter during an interview. You may be saying, “yes, but I only used the student Twitter ac
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Veganuary is a word that starts to trend in January. But what is it I hear you ask? In the month of January, we celebrate being Vegan. If you did not know what Vegan is, it is where you don’t eat meat, fish, dairy or anything of animal produce. Here at Print Cakes we are happy to say that we offer a range of Vegan Products. These are perfect for lockdown, as we are limited to where we can and can not go. We can send you a box with a Vegan Biscuit with a Vegan Tea Bag. Perfect if you are home
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How To Say Thank You With A Cake

It has been a difficult year for everyone and we have all had to pull together to support each other. Maybe there has been someone special who has been there for you and really helped in that time of need. From NHS workers, key workers, friends, family, loved ones, neighbours and our local communities. Everyone has had to play a part during the pandemic. To show how grateful you are why not treat them to one of our Print Cakes or Biscuit Gift boxes to say thank you. Not sure what to say or ho
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Love You More Than

It’s only January, Valentine’s Day is ages away right? That’s what you think, till you blink and then you realise February 14th is just around the corner. Don’t panic, Print Cakes have got your back and we can help you say those three words with cupcakes. It looks like it is going to be a date night this year, so why not snuggle up on the sofa with our Valentine's Day Hot Cocoa, Mug & Cupcake Gift Box. ❤️ Tasty hot chocolate to enjoy in the mug ❤️ Mini marshmallows to top it off! ❤️ Plus a
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